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Market Rules

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1. Trading krypton MU items to the following returns is prohibited and may be punished with both a forum and in-game ban.

Real currency, regardless of country.
Virtual currency that can, at any point in time, be purchased with real currency, regardless of whether or not it can be earned through trades, gameplay and events.
Load, phone credit and other such currencies.
Other MU online server
Trading of other games,account or non kryptonMU is forbidden.

2.Proper market thread.

Your market thread must contain the following elements:

-A Prefix must be contained in the thread name.  Example: [Sell] ; [Buy]; 

-An Ingame name in the thread name must be contained.


Here is the Example of proper thread name:

[Sell] Hyon helm +luck [Ledvance]


- In the thread must be inculded the items for sale or buying, also the price. 

Every incorect thread will be considered as SPAM and will be trashed.

3.Bumping the thread.

You can bump your thread once every 6 hours ! Every bumping in a shorter period will be considered and treated as SPAM. [Check the Forum related banning procedures]

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